Q: cute! haha post a pic of you and your guy! devouring other players in a two-headed bloodbath

Mmaaaaybe. I actually did show him the original post about him and my blog and everything. He thought it was super cute and he thinks he’s tumblr famous now or something. So he’d be excited to take a picture for you all x)

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Q: So with Khans fully spoiled now, what are you looking forward to the most?

Honestly? My store is having a two-headed giant sealed event Saturday or Sunday after the midnight pre-release, and that cute guy I really like is going to be my partner. Also, we’re dating now. c: I mean yeah, playing Mardu at the pre-release will be cool. But I am super excited to be a super cute team with my boy~ 

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MTG Deck: Hittin' with Kittens


My Kemba deck! There is a split focus between making Kemba a voltron commander and buffing up your inevitable army of cats. Because I (personally) find EDH to be a more casual and fun oriented format, this deck doesn’t include any insta-win/kill combos.

** This is my ideal deck at the moment. Due to money, I don’t have every single card I’d eventually like to put in (ie, Stoneforge Mystic). There are some cards (like the swords cycle from Mirrodin Besieged) that would also work well in this deck, but haven’t bothered to add to the mainboard list because I don’t see myself picking them up in the foreseeable future— in my opinion, the deck is still solid without them.

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