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sad because I never see my boo theartofmtg on my dash </3 I only follow 45 people so it’s not like I’m just overlooking your stuff (´;д;`)

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Q: Could you perhaps do Akroma (either divine versus demonic or traditional) with the Onslaught Pacifism text? Also hello. u w u

Phew, had to go way back, but I did find one I did of her! c: I ended up using the duel decks art and flavor (probably because the duel decks art was so easy to find, haha~) I’ll reblog it (and probably some other old ones while I’m at it. They didn’t get enough love! D; )

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Q: weird request, but could you do the art of Hussar Patrol, but with the flavor text from tin street market? love your blog

Thank you so much! c: Unfortunately, I do try to avoid mixing real art and real flavor text to avoid confusion. Generally, if I give something flavor from an outside source, it’s because it doesn’t already have some of its own (ie; planeswalkers)! So although I’ve been sent many cool requests for different combinations, I’m skeptical about how they’d be received overall. 

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