Q: Cuddles generally are a high priority. After all nothing can beat cuddles but it is made better with fun discussion.

It doesn’t even have to be magic. Just talk nerdy to me.

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Q: I would totally like to apply. Two of my favorite things. Sadly, I only have approximately 1500 magic cards and cannot build many adequate decks. And it helps that you're as cute as all hell.

The fact you know approx. how many cards you have means you’re a huge nerdlord. And I like that a lot.

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Q: I'd cuddle the hell out of ya if I could and while I am not super good at deck construction I do have a fondness for card games so I guess that could translate to some semi-helpful construction ideas. *silently submits an application*

I think cuddles are the most important item of the two. Gotta get my priorities straight. As for deck construction, I just need ideas and determination. Actual skill not necessary.

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Q: Have you ever tried casual EDH? You have a cheap legendary as commander and all other cards are commons. It's actually pretty fun especially if your doing a multiplayer game.

I haven’t, sounds very similar to the pauper edh events at my lgs store though! Same premise, but the commander can be any uncommon creature with the rest of the deck being commons. Haven’t got into it myself, but the people who play it seem to have a good time :)

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Q: Just so you know, if you lived closer to me, I would totally cuddle for nights on end just talking about Magic and building decks with you. Because you are a cutie. A cutie patootie. And that's all I want out of life. ;-; *staying anon to avoid being seen as a creep*


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now accepting applications for someone who will cuddle and build magic decks with me.

…can we split duties? Because I call the cuddles…


Well I’m glad you two are happy >:c

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Q: I would build a deck with you and IT WOULD BE FUCKIN EPIC

If you can help me build Expontential Rhinos, I wasn’t kidding. I want it.

Actually in all honesty I was planning on doing some sort of contest when I hit 1k followers (very soon! There’s so many of you nerds) and now I kinda want to make it a competition to see who can build the most fun deck around a certain theme I come up with. Hmm.

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Q: Be sure to check references. You don't want just anyone making decks!

Considering I’m trying to make a modern deck I’ve titled “Exponential Rhinos”, I have faith in you all.

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Q: If you're anywhere near the Kansas City area, I am more than willing to fill out those applications. In triplicate, if necessary.

Alas, I am not around Kansas City. :c

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