Q: Could you do one on Sanctuary Cat? I don't care what anyone says that card is my favorite from any set! Plus it's actually scary after some buffs o.0

I fully support any and all mtg cats. I’d like to eventually own at least one of all the different mtg fur balls. I don’t think I even own a sanctuary cat, though! D:

asked by torak-persona

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Q: your shit rules

asked by righthandedcato

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Q: Could you do the freshly spoiled card: Ivorytusk Fortress. Or would you rather wait for Khans of Tarkir to be out?

I could totes do that card.

asked by the-sultai-brood

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Q: hey can you do he flavor text of any of the turtles mtg has created ovver the years? any of them it doesnt matter

hehe, okay c: That’s a unique request~

asked by turtur-the-turtle

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