Q: Can you do Alloy Myr? :3

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, MYRS ARE SO CUTE. I’m not completely up to snuff on my knowledge of Myrs so if there’s actually some hideous ones, I have no idea. But I’d appreciate more cutie pa-tooties. I will do as many as humanly possible. 

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thesundry said: Those look extremely yummy! Link to the recipe?

They definitely are! I think I’d go a little lighter on onion in the future, but it was still way tastier than my usual ramen. 

Recipe! This website is a gold mine for cheap, easy food.

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is that a tortilla you hypocrite


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I vowed that this year I would learn a new recipe every month, and today’s the last day of September so I rushed to the store to get stuff. I’m not too kitchen savvy so I’m starting easy: black bean quesadillas with corn, red onion, cheese, and cilantro. Stoves are my worst nightmare, so wish me luck!~

If anyone wants to see my journey, you can go watch my snapchat story: imerinn. Though I’ll probably post it here anyway because I’M SO PROUD :’D

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