Q: Could you do Ensoul Artifact some time, please?

I sure can!~

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Q: Hi your super cute and awesome!! please can you do Scoin of the Ur-dragon, My first edh deck :)

Thank you kindly, darling (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ You can find Scion over here!~

asked by 70-sblaziken

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Q: Oooo how about Akroma/Akroma's Memorial?

That’s a lovely idea c;

asked by ostty

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Q: I'm glad a beautiful girl like you plays magic. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a sausage fest because all I see are guys when I'm the only girl...

Aw thank you hunny bun<3 
I totally understand; I think the majority of lgs’ are sausage fests. I’m really lucky to attend one where most guys will treat me like anyone else (and any boys who do make inappropriate comments get called out immediately by other guys for being assholes). I don’t exactly know what your situation is; if you just don’t like the feeling of being the only girl, or if the guys are kinda gross and mean. If you have any nerdy girl friends, you should definitely try and recruit them as new players!~ If the boys are jerks then I suggest you dress up in your cutest outfit, paint your nails a shiny black, and build an amazing, face-stomping deck to obliterate them all without missing a beat. At least, idk, that’s what I’d do.

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Q: I'd really love to see Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth done.


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